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OUR Technologies

cnc machine
cnc router

Our CNC Routers, the cutting machines provide a sharp, clean, and fast cut to produce perfect shape products. 

Diverse technologies create more choices.

CNC router works for cutting and engraving multiple materials, such as PVC, acrylic, aluminum, wood, etc.

print clothes
print clothes

Our Heat Press machine creates 

high-resolution printed images on clothes, caps, tote bags, and any fabric.

Heat press machine is a type of machine that utilizes heat in order to apply designs onto various substrates. 

neon lights
neon lights

Our flexible neon light and LED strips can be designed for any kind of finished product. Creative neon signs, illuminated door signs, light boxes, etc.

FLEX neon is a flexible silicone-based product embedded with LEDs, safer than traditional glass neon. It can be used for interior and exterior applications to achieve a variety of visual effects.

LED strips produce an energy-efficient, appealing, and long-lasting solution for lighting. Great for indoor or outdoor design. 

print poster
print wallpaper

Our wide-format printer provides high-resolution content prints. Great from small prints like posters to huge prints like wallpapers.

Wide format printer creates high-resolution content, perfect for posters, one-way see through window vinyl banners, wall decals, car wrapping, etc.

car wrap
Vinyl Cutter

Our vinyl cutter is perfect for cutting out individual letters or images from sheets of material. We usually use it for car wrap stickers and other stickers.

Vinyl is a kind of sticker sheet of material. It can be cut into letters and any shapes to create special graphics for brand design.

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