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New Idealist Sign Design INC. was founded in 2016. With seven years of experience, and now we still adhere to the mission of

             "Creativity achieves design, Quality achieves brand, Treats every customer with our genuineness."

With our creative designers, experienced craftsmen, skilled technologies, and friendly service attitude, you will obtain the best experience from building ideas to your final product come out.

美乐招牌公司 成立于2016年。拥有七年成熟经验,至今我们仍然秉承着这一理念:

OUR Company




From a Person
to a Company :

Zhenpeng Lyu,

the Principal Owner of New Idealist Sign Design INC started the business as a painter and a traditional artist. Decided to bring his creative ideas and high-quality products all over the place. From the beginning of project assessment, outlining, design, materials choosing, production, and installation, Lyu wants every people to be satisfied with the products they needed. From one person to become a company, Lyu experienced a lot and received lots of recognition, also gained support from many clients and brands. He never complains because that's what he truly loves and is passionate about.

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